1. Introduction

This policy is designed to be the overarching Information Security Policy for Higgs Boson Consultants LLP and is the primary policy under which all other technical and security policies reside.

The policy is designed to ensure that Higgs Boson Consultants LLP complies with all relevant compliance legislation in respect of information security. The policy will describe specific Higgs Boson Consultants LLP rules on information security and reference any subservient guidelines that will describe policy in more detail.

  1. Policy Statement

The purpose and objective of this Information Security Policy is to protect Higgs Boson Consultants LLP information assets from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental, it also describes measures to ensure business continuity, minimise damage and maximise return on investment. Information will be protected from a loss of: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

  1. Scope

This policy is intended for all staff and any visitors using Higgs Boson Consultants LLP IT systems, data or any other information asset. For the purposes of this Policy the term “staff” will be taken to mean paid employees, volunteers, authorised associate members, honorary members and visitors to Higgs Boson Consultants LLP.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Higgs Boson Consultants LLP Board is the designated owner of the Information Security Policy
  • The Policy is approved by the Managing Directors of Higgs Boson Consultants LLP
  • The Data Protection Officer for Higgs Boson Consultants LLP is Technical Director, Dr Matthew Mills
  • The Information Security Manager for Higgs Boson Consultants LLP is Technical Director, Dr Matthew Mills
  • The Information Guardian for Higgs Boson Consultants LLP is the Technical Director, M Dr Matthew Mills
  • The Data Controller for Higgs Boson Consultants LLP is the Director, Dr Matthew Mills

Higgs Boson Consultants LLP is registered with The ICO, the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights:

  • Security Number: CSN2050318

We will always supply copies of your data, free of charge; in a recognised open format should you require it.

We commit to the following five standards of data housekeepi