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We are a values-led financial services firm that aims to provide the highest quality of service to clients, delivered by recognized experts, based upon robust processes, with demonstrable value. Our key objective is to fully align the interests of clients, providers and the firm for mutual benefit, making us the partner of choice. Deliberately moving away from the traditional model of financial services we aim to take advantage of collective strength to create a unique client experience, thereby giving all of its stakeholders lasting security.

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The economic and regulatory environment has made providing financial advice and investment management increasingly complex. Higgs Boson Consulting provides holistic financial planning, delivered by dedicated experts, through face to face meetings. The underlying systems and processes, such as Capital Planning and Collective Investment Management, are also available to institutional clients and trusts. We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our clients, whether they are individuals, companies or trustees, and membership of our practice is by invitation.


A significant proportion of our clients are senior medical and academic staff. While this represents a diverse range of talents and expertise, this group shares a number of very specific and sophisticated financial planning needs. Led by Practice Principal, Dr Matthew Mills, our team has been providing specialist advice to senior medics and academics for over a decade. We offer independent advice to support and empower intelligent financial planning choices.


Higgs Boson Consultants introduces to  independent third parties for Mortgage and Asset Finance. We help clients in the United Kingdom and Overseas, all of whom face an increasingly difficult and technically demanding credit market. We support requirements ranging from straightforward residential mortgages to structuring complex property portfolio financing . Our role is to help our clients understand their financing requirements, source the best solutions available, and integrate these with their personal circumstances and financial planning strategy.

Higgs Boson Consultants LLP (FCA No 628943) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registered office is 1 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR. We offer advice and recommendations on services and products from the whole of the market.

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We take the work very seriously, not ourselves.

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